The Birth of an Idea

Hearing about Thorn bikes while idling on the internet one day, it seemed to be the perfect touring/general purpose bike. I needed a bike. The Sherpa looked like a good choice.

Some time passed before one day while travelling through Somerset I chanced across SJS Cycles in Bridgewater and walked through the door. I was given a guided tour by a friendly staff member and shown the Thorn Sherpa. When I was introduced to the Rohloff hub on a Raven Nomad MkI via a test ride round the local park, I never looked back. This was the set-up! Dreams of doing a big tour took flight. I bought some books about world bike travel and became fascinated.

Time passed and dreams grew and grew – maybe a short tour round Scotland? I would be able to relive that first bike tour when at the age of fifteen years and with three friends from school we nervously set off to do a tour of Scotland. What an adventure that was! Rain, wind and steep hills through stunning scenery. I wanted to get back some of that adventure, and, to be honest, some of my lost youth! Why not more … maybe the North Sea Cycle Route  – yes, that looks interesting. Maybe more?

It was over two years later when one day in Edinburgh I visited a bike shop and spontaneously bought a pair or Shimano bike peddles. But I didn’t have a bike! They were SPD on one side, flat on the other. The perfect touring peddle.

A few days later, again the dream in my head, by chance a second-hand Thorn Raven Tour was on sale from SJS Cycles. Strangely it had all the components I had researched as the ideal build. It came with a Rohloff 14 speed hub gear so revered by experienced long distance cyclists. It was exactly the right frame size too. The dream sparked to life, I bid for the bike never really expecting to win but soon it became a reality when a few days later a huge cardboard box arrived containing the Raven Tour! Within minutes it was unpacked, checked and taken for a ride. It was solid, comfortable and sweet. It needed few adjustments.

I had joined the Thorn Club!

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